Our partners

WeConnect is a firm believer in the power of collaboration. Thanks to our network of partners, we can offer you a high-quality service backed up by exceptional expertise. Our partnerships are based on mutual trust and shared values. We are delighted to present them to you here:


With MoveMe, your transition to Luxembourg is seamless! This all-in-one platform simplifies the moving process for international students and professionals. Whether you’re applying for a visa, opening a bank account or setting up a new telephone number, MoveMe will take care of everything. Don’t let the hassle of relocation hold you back. Make your move to Luxembourg worry-free today with MoveMe.

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Foyer Assurances

Insurance leader in Luxembourg, Foyer Insurances offers a comprehensive range of insurance products, providing customers with reliable protection and professional advice to meet their insurance needs. Our partnership with Foyer automatically includes two essential insurance policies for WeConnect users: Tenancy Risk Insurance and Civil Liability Insurance. Foyer Insurances also offers expert insurance advice. Together, we’ll make sure your relocation goes as safely as possible.

Communes in Luxembourg

WeConnect works with a number of local communes in Luxembourg. These partnerships not only strengthen trust in our service, but also greatly simplify the administrative formalities involved in registering with the communes. We’re proud to be working closely with these municipalities to improve the experience of our users and help them settle in Luxembourg more quickly and easily.

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University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg and WeConnect have established a close partnership to make it easier for students to find quality accommodation. This mutually beneficial partnership enables WeConnect to offer a reliable solution to students at the University of Luxembourg, simplifying their transition to student life. In return, this collaboration strengthens WeConnect’s reputation and earns the trust of students as a trusted partner. This synergy reflects our commitment to enhancing the student experience while strengthening our position with prestigious educational institutions.


Company, WeConnect is intrinsically linked to the ULESS (Union Luxembourgeoise de l’Économie Sociale et Solidaire) community., sharing a common commitment to social and environmental responsibility. This partnership is all the more significant given that ULESS has awarded WeConnect the Luxembourg Impact Label in recognition of our dedication to responsible business practices and positive impact.



The Indian Association of Luxembourg asbl (IAL) works to bring the Indian community and culture closer to other communities in Luxembourg through various events. Equally essential, IAL promotes understanding and acceptance of diverse cultures and values, in line with WeConnect’s mission. This logical collaboration allows us to reach a wider audience and promote cultural exchanges in Luxembourg.