And who is behind WeConnect?

An equally intergenerational team!

WeConnect is not only about creating intergenerational links, but it is a team that is intergenerational itself. We made the experience of intergenerational exchange as well, and it has proven to us what we are capable of when we combine our forces!

We are close to our causes

On the one hand, there are us, Clémentine, Gilles and Ivo, students, who by starting their higher studies, were confronted more closely with the difficulties encountered by younger people in their search for accommodation. This really motivated us to find solutions and help other students like us.

On the other side, there is Christian, a man perhaps a little less young but with more experience and full of wisdom. Working with Christian truly allows us to perfectly understand both generations, with their respective needs and desires.

But above all, WeConnect is a team that believes in solidarity! We wish to promote intergenerational cohabitation by highlighting values such as exchange, sharing and mutual aid.

A committed team, at the service of a meaningful project

Clémentine OFFNER

21 years old


21 years old


21 years old


59 years old

The little story

September 2021
Euroskills in Austria
In September 2021, Ivo and Clémentine represented Luxembourg at the Euroskills competition in Austria. The idea of WeConnect was born under the instruction to develop a project where "young people should learn from old people and vice versa.
October 2021
Participation in the YEP
When returning to Luxembourg, they both realised that their idea had real potential that they wanted to exploit and they decided to develop their idea by participating in the "Young Enterprise Project" of the "Jonk Entrepreneuren".
April 2022
YEP Award
In April, they won the first prize in the 'YEP', which allowed them to go to the international final of the competition in Tallinn in July. Even internationally, the idea of WeConnect was popular and Clementine and Ivo were even awarded a prize from FedEx.
August 2022
2 new team members
In August 2022, Christian, who has accompanied them as a coach since the beginning of the adventure, joined the team. A short time later, it was Gilles' turn to join the team. Gilles shares with Clémentine and Ivo their passion for entrepreneurship, having already developed together a first company "FrëschKëscht".
April 2023
Setting up a company
The startup launches in May 2023, after months of preparation!

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