Would you like to rent out a room in your home and become a host?

Combine the useful with the pleasurable: Combine the useful with the pleasurable: Make the most of the unused space in your home and earn an extra income while helping young people and enriching your daily life by sharing.

Why rent a room with WeConnect?

Daily companionship!

With WeConnect, you can bring life and dynamism back into your everyday life. Welcoming a young person into your home is not just about sharing a roof over your head, it’s about sharing quality time together.

An additional income!

WeConnect not only provides companionship in your home, but also allows you to earn an additional income every month. No more tight ends!

Optimal use of space!

Give your unused space a new lease of life while helping someone in need. Instead of leaving your rooms empty, give them a purpose by offering them to a student.

WeConnect’s expertise lies in offering you a tailor-made solution by connecting you with reliable students who can meet your accommodation needs.besoins en matière de logement.

The different steps to rent a room on WeConnect

1. Registration

Create your WeConnect account in just a few simple steps to help us find you a young person who suits you.

2. Search for a cohabitant

We analyse the different student applications and present you with the ones that might interest you. The final choice is yours.

3. First contact

Once the choice has been made, we’ll put you in touch so that you can meet for the first time.

4. Creating the cohabitation

If the first meeting goes well and both parties agree, we will move on to signing the papers.

5. Start of cohabitation

The young cohabitant moves in with you. We remain available throughout the cohabitation to help you if necessary.

WeConnect supports you throughout the cohabitation process

Punctual rent payments

WeConnect manages rental payments, guaranteeing regular transactions every month and avoiding potential delays and money discussions within the cohabitation.

Insurance in case of damage

We work with Foyer Assurances to provide cover for our cohabitations and students in the event of damage. So, with no extra cost or hassle, we take care of all your insurance needs.

Assistance and Support

To ensure a rewarding home-sharing experience, we are committed to providing a tailored customer service and answering your questions at any time. In fact, WeConnect is more than just a service, it’s a community.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy an experience of sharing and learning

Frequently asked questions

At WeConnect, the rent is set at a pre-established price for each cohabitation. We have established this amount in a fair and equitable manner, aiming to remain below property market prices while guaranteeing that your expenses are covered. As a result, we have set this affordable price at €425 per month.

Students are required to pay a deposit at the start of their stay, but this is paid to WeConnect and not directly to you. WeConnect therefore undertakes to intervene if necessary during or at the end of the cohabitation if there is any damage. So you don’t need to worry!

Finding you the right cohabitant is our top priority. That’s why we put our heart and soul into each and every application, so that we can find the best match for you among our students. That’s also why we ask a series of questions when you register, just as we do with the younger generation!