5 reasons to become a host 🏠

Have you ever considered embarking on a new adventure? But you didn’t really know which one and where to find it? Perhaps you’ve stumbled across just the right article.

Welcome to the WeConnect blog, where we explore the infinite possibilities of intergenerational and cultural coliving! Today, we’re delighted to share with you an opportunity that could not only enrich your life, but also the lives of others: become a host with WeConnect.

Imagine for a moment being able to turn your empty spaces into dynamic opportunities, while forging valuable links with young people and contributing to a thriving community. That’s exactly what WeConnect offers, and in this article we’re going to dive into the motivations and benefits of becoming a host with our platform….

1. ocial involvement 🤝

If you’re looking for a social cause to get involved with, WeConnect is the perfect option. In addition to helping a young student find affordable accommodation, you will be taking part in an enriching experience of intergenerational and cultural exchange. Together, we form a strong and dynamic community.

2. Earning an extra income 💰

By joining WeConnect as a host, you are not only making a social commitment; you are also being paid during the period of your stay. This remuneration enables you to cover the costs of hosting the student and benefit from an additional monthly income!

3. Experience a cultural exchange🌍

Hosting a student in your home goes far beyond simply providing accommodation; it’s a unique opportunity to meet another person directly, with their own culture, language and outlook. It’s an enriching adventure that not only forges deep human bonds, but also allows you to learn something new every day.

4. Utiliser les espace vides ♻️

Having unused space in your home is a waste of resources, and that’s a shame. WeConnect aims to make the most of these underused spaces by breathing new life into them. By welcoming a young person into your home, you can put these previously unoccupied areas to productive use! Moreover, you’re doing something for the planet by sharing your consumption (of heating, electricity, etc.) with someone else.

5. Everyday companionship 👫

Welcoming a young person into your home means enjoying pleasant company on a daily basis. Whether it’s a lively conversation over a meal, a cultural exchange or simply sharing moments of everyday life, living together offers a valuable presence that enriches your daily life.